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We provide laptops, tablets, desktops, monitors, printers and projectors warranty / post-warranty service.

The device can be given a different warranty, for example.: Parts Only, NBD (Next Business Day), and others.

Parts only warranty means that the manufacturer's warranty apply only the parts.

NBD warranty means that the repair is carried out not later than the next working day from receipt of the parts. In this case, the user should register the fault to the manufacturer's free line 8800 300 81. Manufacturer would send the new part to the customoer or assign the service center.

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Did You Know......

  • Warranty valid only with purchase document (invoice, cheque and etc.).
  • In warranty repair cooling system cleaning/ repair are for free. 
  • Some case, frame, housing damages are approved by warranty.
  • ALL components are testing in warranty cases.
  • Only legal operating system is installing in our service.
  • Manufacturer and service center are not responsible for data loss. Periodically make data Back Up to another media.
  • Battery has a limited warranty period. You can always check battery's warranty period in manual. Natural capacity decrease is a normal process

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